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Wed, 24th Jul 2024

Bathtub Day
(Monday - October 7, 2024)

In a world in which demands on your time are high it is reassuring to know there is one day in the year when you can reclaim the right to relax at your leisure. Bathtub Day is more than just an excuse to while away the time as you immerse yourself in the warm waters of your bathroom; it is a day to remember and rejoice in the introduction of the bathtub in England in 1828. How to celebrate this momentous occasion is an individual’s choice but options include turning your bathroom into a mini-spa, complete with scented candles and aromatherapy oils; inviting a partner or friend to share in the bathtub experience; watching a favourite film or television show while bathing; or simply locking the door, turning off the phone and enjoying a rare moment of solitude and peace, with a glass of wine by your side.
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