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Fri, 27th May 2022


There's no other way to say it,
Nothing left for me to do
But to say once more I'm sorry
and I always will love you.

I've let my life escape me.
I've forgotten what was real.
Like how you take my breath away
And how you make me feel.

I've hurt the person I love most.
I let love slip away.
I have no right to ask for this
But I'm begging you to stay

I'm sorry for the things I've said.
I hate what I have done.
I hate that I have hurt you.
When I know you are the one.

There's nothing more than I can say
No excuse that I can make
But to beg you not to walk away
If only for love's sake.

No matter where life leads us.
Whether we're together or apart.
Remember that you fill my soul
and will always have my heart

I'm Sorry - I'm Sorry


Poetry eCard telling of realizing what was truly important in the relationship, apologizing for not seeing it before, and asking your partner to stay and give another chance.

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